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Commodity Futures Trading

  Before you even tackle such a huge task as learning about commodity trading you first need to determine if futures trading is suitable for you. This is a risky business with large potential rewards and equally large potential risks. Honestly, this is not suitable for everyone. One of the facts you most come to realize is that statistics tell us some 80% of all futures traders lose money. Are you sure you have what it takes to be in the 20% population of winners? Some traders have been trading for decades and never become profitable. This is a very difficult profession that requires a great amount of work and dedication. Are you willing to do the work? If you answered yes to the question, then our trading systems can help you learn how to trade commodities. 

We can teach you everything from the basics of trading right up through and including our advanced systems. Successful trading skills and knowledge can be taught, but it does require a passion and strong drive to succeed on your part in order to get through the learning process! The rewards can be priceless. 

Be very careful about purchasing books, videotapes, audiotapes or even attending seminars on the subject of commodity trading. We must warn you that there is a lot of junk on the market that is all hyped up from people only interested in selling their products. Be it books, tapes, systems or even the seminars. Remember the truth in that old saying "if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is". Many of these people writing books, selling tapes and holding seminars do not even trade. So be very careful. 

If after reading through our web site you are still determined and extremely excited about futures trading, then you'll need someone to show you the ropes of trading. You simply cannot learn everything from reading books. If that were the case we would not need college campuses or professors. All we would need is libraries. You'll need assistance and instruction from someone who trades the markets like we do. Floyd has spent the last 10+ years developing software for tracking, monitoring and taking measurements in the markets on a daily basis. Through our exclusive membership program, you can have access to this same software.

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