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"This service provides traders with unique COT analysis, daily price charts & intra-day updates!"


Question:  What does the service include?  

Answer:   Members have complete access to the tools and methods Floyd uses for his own trading (futures).  This includes over 2500 proprietary charts, graphs and unique indicators as well as backtesting capabilities.  This also includes all of Floyd's Commitments of traders (COT) studies.  In addition, a custom chart navigation program (CNP) is also provided with the service. The CNP contains a unique feature that resets the charts and graphs to specific dates in the past.  This includes all of the COT and deep COT chart studies as well.  This feature lets traders practice and improve their ability and skill to recognize subtle changes in chart patterns that routinely occur before significant trend changes.  By observing changes in price and COT one learns how the data interacts and how markets behave.  Over time traders learn what to look for in a "setup".   This is a skill that takes time to develop.  The CNP "look back" capability is a superior method of study since it does not allow a person to "see ahead" and basically cheat themselves out of learning.  For example, scrolling through a price chart always allows one to "see ahead" and thus know exactly what happens next.  One can not test their skill when the answer is provided along side the question (i.e. The question being "Where will the market go next?").  In actual trading,  we never have the luxury of knowing tomorrow's closing price!  Yet in traditional charting programs,  when looking at past data, one can always know what happens next because the data is staring right at them in the chart.   The only time the data is not staring right at you in traditional charts is in real-time trading.  In live trading, one NEVER knows for sure what will happen next until it happens.  The same should be true in your study.  To effectively train your brain, the ideal situation is to recreate the same scenario that one is faced with in actual trading.  This is exactly what the CNP "look back" feature recreates.  This recreation of actual trading conditions provides members with the opportunity to exercise their brains and learn from the past (via past chart formations and price behavior).   The charts appear exactly as they did on specific dates and subsequent data is NOT revealed until the user "steps forward" to the next day and updates the chart with the next days data.  No future data is revealed until the user steps forward.  At that point the member is able to observe the changes in the chart exactly as they occurred on that date in history.  This recreates the same conditions that one is faced with when deciding whether or not to enter or exit a market on a specific date.  As far as we know, no other service provides this capability in this fashion.  This is a powerful way to sharpen your observation skills and is ideal for the discretionary trader.   This is why Floyd created this feature.  Floyd considers himself to be more of a discretionary trader rather than purely mechanical. 

Question:  Does the service provide everything I need to position and swing trade futures?

Answer:  Yes it does, and much much MORE!  You get access to daily updated charts and price indicators in over 45 futures markets as well as 81 cash markets and over a dozen Forex markets.   In addition, members have access to weekly and historic charts, as well as COT (commitments of traders) charts and studies covering 45 different futures markets.   Automated reports also help traders with tracking day to day price changes and pattern formations.   Floyd provides regular updates (written reports and streaming presentations as well). 

Here's an example presentation for you to review free (from 2011).  


Question: Does Floyd provide assistance in using the website features? 

Answer:  Yes, he provides daily updates to help traders interpret the data and manage trades.

Question:  What else do I need if I want to position trade following Floyd's strategies and COT analysis?

Answer:  Everything you need for determining which trades to take and how to manage positions (profits and losses) is provided inside this website!  The only thing you will need is an account with a futures brokerage firm!  




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