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Streaming Audio / Video Presentation files!

(Floyd Upperman & Associates streaming audio/video presentation files)

Presentation and webinar files below
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2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012

View free clip from Floyd's April 2010 Workshop (April 2010 Chicago Ill).


June 2010 Webinar on the COT

September 2010 Follow up Webinar on COT

09/23/2009 Floyd Upperman DTI Webinar  

Feb. 2010 Floyd explains Disaggregated COT

    2010 Floyd explains Disaggregated COT  
April 2nd 2009 Floyd Commentary      
April 2nd 2009 Floyd commentary (short version)      
    Floyd's 2009 article on improvements to the COT report, the CIT data and disaggregated cot.   
April 5 2011 CNP & PIE Chart discussion      
03/01/09 Trades and opportunities   03/23/09 Market discussion  
03/10/09 Market update      
    March 2010 Webinar  
03/10/09 CNP demonstration!   September 2010 webinar    
03/17/09 Software presentation   October 2011 webinar  

03/18/09 Streaming video presentation

Feb 18th 2009 FUA Trading Part 1   Feb 23rd 2009 FUA Trading Part 1  
Feb 18th 2009 FUA Trading Part 2   Feb 23rd 2009 FUA Trading Part 2  
Feb 18th 2009 FUA Trading Part 3      
    Feb 24th 2009 Trading Part 1  

Floyd's 2010 webinar on COT and access to several 2011 reports!

  Feb 24th 2009 Trading Part 2  


7/29/08 Floyd Upperman webinar   07/22/08 Daily Update  
7/29/08 Floyd Upperman Special   07/03/08 Special Review  
    08/07/08 Daily Review  


* Note:  You may need to increase the volume on your speakers in order to hear Floyd speaking.


The HELP files contain short video and audio presentations of Floyd providing audio assistance directly from his desktop computer.   This service is provided to help illustrate and explain the trading strategies available through the website.

It is not necessary to download the video/audio files in order to view and listen to them.   You may view and listen to them using the WEBEX player (which you must download) while the files remain on our server by choosing "open" instead of "download" when you click on the files. 

The webex player is free and must be downloaded before you can review the tutorials. To download the webex player please click on the player that goes with your operating system below.

The presentation files are also available in windows player format (first option from menu above).



The WebEx Player is free and can be set up to downloaded automatically when you first access a WebEx playback file.

In order to Playback, you will need the following:

  • WebEx Player

  • Intel Pentium Processor, 166Mhz with working soundcard and sound drivers

  • Speakers

  • Windows 95, 98, NT, or Win2000

  • MS Internet Explorer 4.x or Netscape Communicator 4.x

  • 56kbps Internet connection or better

    Technology enables Floyd to help members learn using visual & audio files!